Body Wraps Course

What is a Body Wrap?

A Body Wrap is believed to stimulate the body’s warmth and circulation. It relaxes the mind, relieves aching muscles and joints and is also good for relieving fevers and headaches and preventing colds. Wraps are famous for their ability to break down cellulite through their warm herbal qualities.

Why learn Body Wraps

Everyone these days is looking for faster and easier ways to slim down and look fresh. Stressful lifestyles and faulty food habits lead to many diseases, tension, tiredness and weight gain. Body Wraps have herbal compositions that not only relax, but also rejuvenate a person with gradual loss in inches.

Main Elements of Training Program in Body Wraps:

  • Constituents and benefits of wraps
  • Practical application of wraps
  • Hands on Practice
  • Notes
  • Certificate on successful Completion

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